STILLALIVE by Miroslav Fareniuk

STILLALIVE is apparel Vintage n’ Custom studio. It has been creating of being unique and timeless. A man of taste is seek the same thing. Such people perfectly know how to express themselves and the world in a special way. Our style shows the real personality.

My name ‘s Miroslav Fareniuk and I customize shoes and clothes. There are only originals Nike, Vans, Adidas, Levi’s, Schott, Alpha Industries in the store.

Why am I doing this? ‘Cause the branded sneakers can get everyone but custom shoes are limited-edition. Regular apparel with my upgrades are going to get original character. The STILLALIVE’s items are also stayed beyond time with the help of acquired vintage look.

My philosophy based on rule: “Don’t compromise on materials or time”. That’s why all apparel are made to last and made to wear.

Man, this world should know about your creative mindset, so reflect it in your own style.

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