I believe shoes are one of the most important details of clothing, and it can tell almost everything about its owner: how he treats himself, how he feels about things, about world, but more important where he was, where he goes and on what roads. One of my passions is collecting sneakers; these are retro models of Nike mostly. I dream to work with this company as a designer of shoes. It hasn’t happened yet, but with the idea of ??my brand STILLALIVE, which I founded at the end of 2016, and the concept of which is a custom and a change of vintage and cultic stuff, I decided to try myself in customizing the shoes. My first choice fell on the retro model NIKE AIR FORCE 1, the silhouette of which doesn’t leave most part of the fans of sneakers indifferent more than 30 years. The purpose of this project is the design of only certain parts of shoes, which shouldn’t change the basic silhouette fundamentally, but just add the unique style of STILLALIVE. My decision is the rethinking of the element swoosh, which is the symbol of Nike and is present as the main element on all shoes. Basing on the idea and foundation of the revival of old and forgotten, absolute freedom in creativity, which is close to the spirit of punk culture and rock music, I chose the bones as the base of the design, which is often found in the aforementioned subcultures and styles, or more precisely – bone finger. Work on the project is completely manual and includes basic changes in the design at the request of the client. In this release Swoosh is made in black and gray colors, in the form of embroidery, as well as a removable patch in the tongue. The back part of the sneaker is painted black and the laces are covered with spray of black and gray paint, which repeats and emphasizes the color spectrum of the whole idea.

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